Last week’s question was inspired by the shacknasties. Unfortunately, here in Minneapolis, more snow is on the way, and we’re still waiting for spring. Given that little tidbit, a lot of you said a place without snow, somewhere warm, green, doesn’t require a winter parka. You get…
Sparkle Wednesday | March 29, 2023
There were so many beautiful responses to this question. It isn’t a surprise that many of you mentioned sunny, warm weather, good food, music, and art…
Sparkle Wednesday | March 22, 2023
Sparkle Wednesday | March 15, 2023
Sparkle Wednesday | March 8, 2023
I loved your responses for this question, especially since many of you were answering it as we were getting buried by more snow. Here are some of your…
Lots of great picks. My mouth is watering! Some of your picks… Wagyu steak, and an endless supply of salmon nigiri! Food varied and rich and texture and…
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