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My favorite bike was an old Trek touring bike that I rode along time until the frame broke.

We had many cars growing up, but one I liked was an old police car our dad got us. I don’t really know anything about engines, but this car had a 383 magnum (it sounds good) and would make this awesome noise when you stepped down on the gas or floored it. You could actually feel the car slight elevate as it projected like a rocket. Our sister Susan claimed the car would operate better if you gunned it as you hit railroad tracks near the old Forehand place sending the car slightly airborne. Keep in mind it was a former police car. I think it got about 3 mpg. I am not sure if the car had functioning seatbelts. It was a dream machine.

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I think I was in about 3rd grade when I got my brand blue Schwinn bike. Susan got a purple one.

We rode everywhere, including 7 Eleven, delivering Girl Scout cookies and a very long ride to Randall Farms.

I loved that bike. I knew it was a real sacrifice for Mom and Dad to buy them. We were elated. 😊

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Yes, it was a rust color that faded from popularity by the mid 70’s.

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