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I would say Italy, specifically Tuscany. Even though I've been there twice (epic family trip! Romano's Villa) I would love to really settle in and live there. Endless exploring of the hill towns, an easy train to Rome and Florence for history, museums, etc, I would love to take a cooking class, maybe casual cooking with an Italian Grandma type. Almalfi Coast, visiting seaside towns.. so much to do but I would want lots of down time to read, listen to music, and to just enjoy the place.

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I have ALWAYS wanted to live in London. It’s one of my favorite cities - the cozy English pubs, the history, the architecture, the British accents, the easy use of the tube, and the array of culture from the diversity of its people. It has every season (which I need), loads of parks, an appreciation for the finer things, and is also a short train ride to many lovely countryside towns.

My true hope is that David can get a medical research assignment there for a few months so we have actual excuse to go live there :)

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My answer to this question changes with the wind.

Right now, I'm feeling beachy and longing for the ocean, but I'd also like to learn a new language (at least go beyond 7th-grade French), and have access to great food. Right now, I'd choose Marigot or Grand Case on the French side of St. Martin. Maybe I could fit in with all the French hippies down there after a year?

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