Oct 25, 2023Liked by Lisa Hirst Carnes

Music has always brought up a lot of emotions and memories for me. There are some songs that simply transport me back to a certain moment in time, and that’s so magical. One that first comes to my mind is the song “Death with Dignity” by Sufjan Stevens. This song takes me back to when i was living in France and going to visit the town of Nice. The train ride was full of beautiful mediterranean sea views, and now, every time i hear this song (particularly at the 2:12 mark) it fills me with the warm memory of that train ride :)

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I had to listen to that song again. 2:12 at the piano solo. What a wonderful memory, Nina.

I love Sufjan Stevens, too! My favorite album is Illinois. So good.

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Changes by David Bowie (on 8 track) takes me right back to a double date I was on on 10th grade. I was riding in the back seat with my date but I actually was wishing I was in the front seat with the other guy.

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