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My worst job was working as a nurse at a convalescent home in San Diego. I was a new nurse, 25 years old with no experience and I was in charge of the entire facility on the evening shift. I had to wear a nurses cap so that families could identity the RN “on duty.”. Employees didn’t show up, routinely, we were desperately short staffed and it was pretty much unsafe. The daytime head nurse befriended me and said in her southern accent , “Your mother would hate that you’re working at this terrible place.” It was eye opening.

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In my early twenties, I worked A LOT of hospitality jobs - mainly as a server. I worked as a waitress at a popular and iconic restaurant in Minneapolis called Rudolph's BBQ. (That's what they called the position back then.)

Rudolph's was open until 3 am, and working the late shift was terrible. Most guests came straight from the bar and just wanted some ribs to help sober them up. Anyway, the tips weren't great and working that late really messes with your sleep cycle. On top of that, the place was HUGE, and if you were stationed in the Marlene Dietrich room (all of the rooms were named after old movie stars - Rudolph Valentino, etc.), the station furthest from the kitchen, you'd be schlepping extremely heavy plates on a long trek and up a staircase. Not fun!

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